Our aim at YogaU is to pass on the gift that is Yoga to help people of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of a well-balanced life. In the busy stress-filled lives we have created for ourselves it is essential to our well-being that we take time out to revitalize focus relax and heal.

Gentle Yoga: this relaxing class promotes self-healing and inner-peace. Using breath awareness and flowing movements, gentle static postures, meditation and relaxation this restorative practice enhances well-being on every level.

Hatha Yoga: A traditional practice using flowing movements and static yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and deep relaxation to strengthen and balance all systems of the body and mind. Leaves  you feeling  centered with a state of inner-peace and wholeness.

Dynamic Yoga : This class build physical strength,  stamina, promotes a flexible body and mind through dynamic flowing sequences linking static postures. With integral ujjayi  “victorious “breathing  and a deep relaxation to finish this will leave you focused and revitalized.

I hope that you can find the time to bring yoga into your own life and I look forward to a day when you can share your yoga story with me.



Benefits of Yoga  The mental and physical disciplines taught in yoga provide valuable tools for overcoming adversity and the limitations we often place on ourselves.
Yoga teaches us to journey within leading to an increased self-awareness and promotes feelings of centeredness clarity and balance in our everyday lives.